New Styles of Wedding Invitations

When we relaunched our new website in late 2012, we decided to archive some of our wedding invitation designs and expand the styles available for each of the collection we have. Pocket wedding invites are by far the most popular style that customers order, but we appreciate that not everyone wants or can afford this style of invite. We therefore made the decision to offer each collection as a pocket fold, wallet and a folded or flat card to enable customers to have a greater choice. It seems to be proving popular, with many customers ordering a pocket for their day invites and a cheaper version of the same design for their evening invites or a wallet with a folded card depending on their preference. Previously budgets may not have allowed everyone to have both day and evening invites in the pocket style. The difference between a pocket and flat card in some designs can be as much as £2 which can certainly add up! We have a huge gallery on Flickr where you can see the variations in the invitation designs along with a lot of images of other items of stationery that is available in each collection.

The size of each style of wedding invitation doesn’t change much as all the variations measure approx. 14 x 14cm square and all come with an envelope. We print all of your chosen wording and put the finishing touches to each one, so all you need to do is write your guest names (unless you opt for us to print these for you) and put the addresses on the envelopes.

We reduced our stationery collection from about 45 designs down to about 30 to make the website more streamlined, but any of these can still be ordered from us. In the current collections we have tried to cater for many of the popular themes used in weddings at the moment like Vintage wedding invitations with lace, pearls, diamante embellishments and satin ribbons, Butterfly themes with crystal and feather butterflies and winter wedding invitations with snowflakes and holly. All of our wedding invitations and wedding stationery designs are available in a huge range of colours. We have many shades of ribbon available to us, and we welcome swatches being sent to us so we can show the best match we have for you.

We have some new designs in the pipeline that need to be finished and as soon as we get the time to finish these we will be looking at putting these on the website – hopefully in time for when the 2013 wedding season gets into full swing.



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