It’s Christmas!!!!

We are on the wind down for Christmas!! I am so excited about the festive season this year and with a 3 year old at home it is just that bit more magical as for the first time she is really getting Father Christmas and all the celebrations. I take time off twice a year, christmas being one of them, so am sooo looking forward to some relaxing time. I say relaxing, but i always find something to do on the business over the break. This year i am going to look at some new designs (if the inspiration takes me) and do a bit of work on the website. While the other members of the team are taking a well earned break, the show must go on for me (as they say).

December has been crazy with so many winter weddings being booked in , more than ever before. The 22nd December will be a busy day for weddings around the country according to our diary!  We have been so lucky to have had the diary constantly fully booked and have worked with some brilliant couples this year. The accountant tells me the profits are up – yey, but that also means a larger tax bill next month – boo! January is a really rubbish time to send out a tax bill! We are really looking forward to working with some amazing couples in 2013 and looking at the diary so far it is going to be another busy one.

We have revamped some of our designs, archived some older ones to condense everything a bit and did a whole new design on the website, which we hope everyone likes as it took an age to put together. We have been a bit rubbish at keeping facebook, twitter and the gallery up to date, so that is a new years resolution for us – to update everything at least once a week and remember to take photos of the items we have made BEFORE it gets packed up and BEFORE it gets dark!

We have a week to go before we shut and can get all christmassy.  We will be tying up all the loose ends and giving the studio a good sort out as we have made a complete mess of it over the last few months. I don’t know how so much mayhem happens.

I hope everyone reading this has a lovely christmas and new year. We will be closing Friday 21st December and we will be back in business on 3rd January 2013.


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