Filigree Design – Great for a Vintage and Pearl themed Wedding

As our first blog post i thought it would be great to write a bit about our Filigree design.  It is my favourite design and my favourite theme at the moment has to be Vintage. I am loving all the lace and pearls, but mostly the neutral colours like Ivory, Cream, Nude and Taupe. I like colour. I like wearing clothes with some colour and decorating my house in any colour but Magnolia, but when it comes to vintage wedding invitations and stationery i think the freshness that the neutral colours give looks great. It always looks sophisticated and luxurious and is my first choice every time to bring out the most of the pearl and crystal embellishments we use.  Although the Filigree design looks great in the neutral colours is still looks fantastic in brighter colours. Dusky Pink, Burgundy and even Orange are colours we have made this range in for couples.

We have favour boxes, place cards, table plans and much more which are all made to follow the Filigree wedding invitation with the embellishment and have put a piccie below with some of the stationery items we have made. It is a lovely design and we were even lucky enough for Vogue to feature this design in their wedding special in their October 2011 issue!

To view all of our other stationery designs please visit our wedding stationery page on the website


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